I am Cherry Chen. Welcome to my website!

Graduated May 2019!

Graduated May 2019!

About Me

Recent grad of the University of Southern California ✌️❤️💛
B.S. Business Administration, Communication Design minor

Taiwanese, grew up in Beijing, studied at USC in Los Angeles, now📍Sunnyvale, Bay Area in sunny California ☀️😎

What I Love

I’ve been fascinated by technology since a young age (courtesy of my dad), which led me to work in multiple startups both in Asia and the US, and now, in venture capital.

Future Plans

I am starting off in venture capital but I eventually want to work in a startup I source/lead investment in, preferably in a Product, Strategy/Operations, or Marketing role.

I’ve also become increasingly interested in cross-border relations and startup activity between China/Asia Pacific and the US. In the future, I see myself working in a cross-cultural role, either at a VC or a startup/tech company that crosses both regions.

For Fun

I love music and live concerts, and also enjoy reading and traveling. Check out my blog and Medium where I document some of my thoughts/revelations!