Why I'm into Venture Capital

It’s kinda the perfect job for me.

  1. I love discovering startups and new technologies, and meeting entrepreneurs.

  2. I love knowing about the latest tech trends.

  3. I love betting on these trends.

That’s basically it.

Nothing to do with finance or wanting to make high returns (although that always helps). I just genuinely really like startups and new ideas. Even if I don’t work in VC, I would still be sourcing in my free time (as I’m doing now, before I start my job). I just find myself looking at tech news without realizing.

I guess that’s when you know you’re passionate about something?

But obviously, to be a good investor, you need to have personal experience. That’s why in the future, I still hope to work in a high-growth startup (preferably one that I source), or even join a founding team to go through the process myself. And also join a larger public company at one point, because I’ve barely worked at large companies so far.

So, we’ll see how this goes!