Mission Statement

Solve problems I care about, and be able to help/inspire/mentor others.


  1. “It’s not about what you know or even who you know. It’s about how much you care.” - Zara Zhang at GGV Capital

  2. Life revolves around meaningful relationships and meaningful work. - Ray Dalio in Principles

  3. No one knows what they will end up doing. Just head in the general direction, and pivot when you need to, like a PM. - Atlassian PM

  4. “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” - Deloitte mentor @Global Brigades Panama trip


  • Enjoy life: Enjoy work.

  • Make time for people you love.

  • Don’t only take; also give.

  • Managing finances is important.

  • Ask everyone questions.

  • You should be weird.

  • There is always another road.

Blogs/News I Follow

  • Newsletters: CB Insights, Morning Brew, Robinhood Snacks newsletter, Axios AM and Pro Rata, Seeking Alpha

  • Personal blogs: Paul Graham, Sam Altman, Cathy Yu

  • Others: the zen blog

  • Podcasts: a16z, Planet money, 996 with GGV

Recent Books:

  • Why Buddhism is True

  • Antifragile

Fav Tech Products

  • Music: Spotify, Shazam, GarageBand

  • Finance: Mint, Robinhood

  • Evernote

  • Stop, Breathe & Think