my story

Here is my 22 years condensed onto one page.

My mom and I in Taiwan.

My mom and I in Taiwan.

part 1: taiwan (1997-2003)

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan to an amazing Mom whom I would retain my creative and artistic side from and a dorky (but fun) dad whom worked in tech his whole career.

Although I didn’t live in Taiwan for long, it remains my home and where my roots are.

My dad soon received an offer to move to China.

part 2: beijing + high school


I joined the International School of Beijing and stayed there till my High School graduation (2015).

While there, I was extremely involved in the Charity Fashion Show as I relished in the whole tangible design process: choosing a vision and inspiration, picking fabric, creating a whole look with makeup and accessories for my models.

I also spent many hours at UNIT-E, a cross-school magazine, as Arts Editor. On the creative side, I was published 4 times in Sententiae, our arts and literature magazine. I also participated in Model United Nations (BEIMUN and THIMUN) as Editor in the Press team.

Fitness was important to me as well, as it trained my stamina and persistence. I ran Varsity Cross Country, enjoying the freedom that exercise and a pair of sneakers can bring.

My models and I wearing my designs.

My models and I wearing my designs.

When DFA studio went to visit our community partner.

When DFA studio went to visit our community partner.

part 3: los angeles + USC


I left my parents for the first time for college in August 2015. Adjusting to college was difficult for me at first, but I eventually found my niche and community. I also fell in love with the startup-y culture in California.

In freshman year, I noticed there was a lack of literature community at USC and decided to found Semantics, USC’s first print literature magazine. I joined Splash SC, an organization that brought high school students to take courses taught by university students.

But it wasn’t until junior year that I stumbled across Design for America and discovered the community that was missing for me at USC: an interdisciplinary group of social innovators. I served as Project Manager and Director of Education, and worked on two different projects in food insecurity.

During summers, I interned at various startups because I loved working within an agile, rapidly growing team on a product or solution that is uncertain and not validated yet. The constant change was exciting. I also enjoyed working on a product from ideation to iteration to launch.

Around the same time, I also became obsessed with venture capital. I joined the founding team at Troy Labs and helped establish the USC Marshall Venture Fund. This involvement led to my summer at Plug and Play as a Ventures Summer Analyst in the Health and Insurtech verticals.

Now, as I am graduating this May 2019, I hope to pursue a career that combines my interest in business/marketing, design thinking and technology, especially to make social impact.