my story


my story

here is my twenty one years condensed into one page.


part 1: taiwan (1997-2003)

i was born in taipei, taiwan to an amazing mom whom I would later retain my creative and artistic side from, and an awesome dad who started off as an engineer and worked in a large tech companies most of his career life. we had a small but tight family, and little did we know, my dad would get an offer to move to china.

part 2: beijing + high school (2003-2015)

we moved to beijing when i was five, and i joined International School of Beijing, staying there till high school graduation - 2015. while there, i would design collections for our Charity Fashion Show for my four years of high school, selecting my own materials, creating a vision, and selecting models and makeup looks. I would also laboriously spend many hours at UNIT-E, a cross-school magazine and Sententiae, our literature magazine, and engage in other writing pursuits as that was and always will be one of my core passions.

part 3: los angeles + USC (2015-now)

fast forward to college, i noticed there was a lack of literature community at USC and decided to found Semantics, USC’s first print literature magazine. i would then continue to join different orgs, one called Splash SC that would bring me to MIT, teaching high school students about blogging.

but it wasn’t until junior year that i stumbled across Design for America and discovered the community that was missing for me at usc. an interdisciplinary group of social innovators who all come from diverse backgrounds but stand united in a shared care for solving the world’s problems. around the same time, i would also become obsessed with venture capital, landing in Troy Labs, helping establish the USC Marshall Venture Fund, which led to my summer at Plug and Play, my involvement in Start U and my realization that I want to get more startup/company experience before I go back to venture capital at the end of my career.